LTL Shipping, Miami, FL

Final Mile Delivery In South Florida

Go LTL | 3PL Asset Based & Tech Driven Carrier

LTL Shipping

Final Mile Delivery In Miami, Florida

Go LTL | 3PL Asset Based & Tech Driven Carrier

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LTL Shipping

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South Florida Courier Service Shipping Rates

*Additional charges may apply. Ask our LTL specialist about additional services or tariffs.

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LTL Tracking Technology

At Your Fingertips

Through Our Last-Mile Delivery Platform:

  • Live Tracking.
  • Instant Driver Updates.
  • Easy Communication With Your Driver.
  • Access Your Freight From Any Device.

Local Same-Day Deliveries

🏆 Go LTL Advantages:

Local Pickup and Delivery

⚆ Airport Transfers

⚆ TSA Approved

⚆ Hazmat Drivers

⚆ Bonded and Liquor License

⚆ 40 Assets, 26 ft Box Trucks & 16 ft Box Trucks

⚆ Dry Vans

TSA Approved

Go LTL is TSA licensed and approved to move all shipments to the airport.

Event Logistics

Go LTL can handle all event logistics from start to finish. 


U.S. Customs approved bonded common carrier under code LBT4. Store your bonded cargo in our bonded warehouse.

Airport Transfers

Airfreight shipment anywhere in South Florida to any major airline. We are trained to handle AWB verification.

We Only Hire The Best Drivers

All our drivers are TSA Approved, Bonded, and Hazmat endorsed with over five-plus years of experience. 

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Tech-Enabled Trucks & Vans

Our In-house software Go Truck Hub, allows you to access your freight status instantly from any device.

Use our live tracking, geo-fencing, data analytics, and reporting in your business operations. 

FAQs About LTL Freight Shipping 

How Does LTL Freight Work?

LTL Freight is a service where we combine partial loads to create multi-stop truckloads, creating an efficient and cost savings option. The price for this is based on the space used, class of items, and the pickup and drop-off locations. LTL freight quotes can be shipped in either standard shipping, expedited or guaranteed.

What is the difference between LCL and LTL?

LCL (less than container) load freight utilizes both ground and water transportation. LTL, less than truckload, are usually road shipments that are only one company’s shipment.

Who is the largest LTL carrier?

According to Logistics Management Magazine, the top LTL carriers in the U.S., are the following: Estes Express Lines. Old Dominion Freight Line. UPS Freight. YRC Regional. FedEx Freight. XPO Logistics. ABF Freight System. Saia Motor Freight Line.

Who are the top 5 LTL carriers?

FedEx Freight. YRC Freight, XPO, Old Dominion, UPS Freight,

Who is the largest LTL carrier in the United States?

The largest LTL carrier in the United States is FedEx Freight with revenue of $6.341 billion. The second is XPO Logistics with $3.641 billion in revenue. In third place comes LTL carrier Old Dominion Freight Line.

What is an LTL carrier?

Less than truckload and less than load, known by the acronym (LTL) is the transportation of small freight. Other forms of transportation are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. Parcel carriers are usually smaller goods under 150 pounds (68 kg).

How many pallets are considered LTL?

Less-than-truckload, known as LTL, are usually shipments between one and six pallets and 200 to 5,000 pounds.

What is the difference between LTL and FTL?

(LTL) Less than truckload is used for the shipment of freight that does not take up a full truckload. (FTL) Full Truckload is used for shipment that takes up a whole truckload in either weight or space.

LTL Meaning

Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is the transportation of small freight and when the freight doesn't require a truckload. This type of freight delivery is perfect for freight that weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is the transportation of goods, cargo, and commodities through land, sea, and air. Typically freight is a larger quantity of goods that businesses normally need in their supply chain. Freight is usually transported in trucks, railroad and ships which carry containers.

What is load size TL?

TL is also called FTL means a full truckload. Full truckload is a great option for businesses that have a large quantity of freight and have a more pressing deadline. This might also be a more economical approach for those that have enough items to fill the whole truckload. For industries with heightened compliance, such as the medical, full truckload will be a better option. Also fragile items, as there will be less handling of the freight and less chance of human error.

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