Five Reasons You Need a Cross-Dock

Cross Docking

LTL Transportation is constantly in need of a speedier mode of transport from beginning to end.

There is a way for it to go faster. That answer lies with Cross Docks.

Cross Docks allow for multiple trucks to be loaded with inbound cargo for outbound transportation.

Think of cross-docking as having a facilitator for your cargo before it reaches its destination for greater speed.

1. Pinpoint accuracy of where each truck is going to on its route.

2. Gives you more flexibility on your daily time-table for LTL shipments.

3. The added efficiency allows you to fit in more LTL shipments daily.

4. On the same note, the added efficiency and speed means you’ll become a much more reliable Last-Mile Delivery Service.

5. LTLHub’s Cross Dock doubles as a storage facility allowing you to plan for multiple shipments leaving on a specific day.

ftl shipping dock

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