What does Asset-Based LTL Means?


“Asset-Based services” means that the services provided are completed using specialized equipment. By that definition wouldn’t LTLHub be the same as any other LTL transportation service?

Yes. But, here’s where LTLHub is different. Powered by FreightHub, LTLHub has access to other solutions that most LTL services do not have access to.

LTLHub has asset-based solutions that are as diverse as FTL.

We have access to an 80,000 sq/ft warehouse facility through WHSEHub that doubles as our cross-dock facility.

Thanks to HazmatHub we have the ability to provide LTL hazmat solutions to our clients.

Not only that, but should you need nationwide LTL services, through FTLHub we’ve also got you covered.

As you can see we’re more than your average LTL transportation service. We’re LTLHub .

For more information, follow us each week for the latest hazmat news or contact LTLHub here.

Our drivers are ready to deliver your freight anywhere in the State of Florida. Our close proximity to Miami and Everglades ports make any pickup faster.Request your free LTL quote today!

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