The Importance of I-95 for Trucking Companies in Florida

There is no question that Interstate 95 (I-95) is one of the most important stretches of road in Florida. I-95 has a maximum width of 12 lanes in the densest areas of Miami Dade & Broward.

However, it is not such a behemoth for its entire run, narrowing down to a still-respectable four lanes along most of the run from Fort Pierce North to Daytona beach. With its size and speed, it is indispensable for moving goods up and down the Atlantic coast.

Low Police Presence

A benefit of I-95 is that it is one of the least regulated stretches of road in America. A Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) auxiliary trooper, Charles Miller, was interviewed by the Sun Sentinel. In the interview, he said drivers “do almost anything they want to do” & that “It’s an Autobahn.”

This relaxed regulatory environment allows for ease of mind for truckers trying to make up time on their hauls, adding to the importance of I-95 (LTL Hub does not encourage or engage in the violation of any traffic laws in any state, city, or locality). However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

This lax regulation comes with a record as one of the deadliest stretches of road in the US due to the high number of traffic deaths.


I-95 is immensely important for those in Florida. It can carry more than 300k vehicles per day (VPD). It connects the major metros of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Jacksonville with the rest of the eastern seaboard, due to this fact, it is crucial for anything on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

Given the importance of the Atlantic coast, I-95 can be most of the business for a Florida centric trucking company.

Overall, it’s clear to see that I-95 is one of the three most essential roads running through the state of Florida, and as such, any trucking company operating in the eastern half of the state must contend with its impact on their business.

Here at LTL Hub, we are Florida natives. As Floridians, we are well versed in the many benefits and dangers of I-95. We also hold a deep understanding of how to get the most out of this crucial piece of infrastructure.

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